Gratex (Duplex Wave) Wire-Mesh

Gratex (Duplex Wave) Wire-Mesh Conveyor Belt

  • Gratex (Duplex Wave) Conveyor belt are most widely used metal conveyor belts constructed with alternating left- and righthand spirals joined by the crimped roads.
  • If the rod pitch is less than two- spiral pitch, the belt is called A1
  • If the rod pitch is more then two-spiral pitch, the belt is called B1
  • Gratex (Duplex Wave) Conveyor belt which is used in Treatment Machinery, Chemical Machinery, Continuous Baking Machinery, Glass Machinery, Freezing, Food machinery and other Conveyors
  • Material: SS304, SS316, SS314.

Features of Gratex (Duplex Wave) Wire-Mesh

  1. Surface us flat and unstable items can be carry.
  2. Excellent Strength- to-weight ratio. The allowable belt tension is capable for heavy load
  3. Belt can be used at high temperature.
  4. Heaving fine mesh, belt can be used for transportation of small products.
A1  Specification
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