UHMWPE Wear Strip

UHMWPE Wear Strip Manufacturer in India

UHMWPE Wear Strips are used to support and direct roller chains, conveyor belts, and products; they also offer high wear resistance and low friction. UHMWPE Wear Strip is generally utilized to manage conveyor systems around intersection paths. They are well-designed to stop belt movement and reduce vibration, which increases bearing and motor loads. Advance Belting Solution is the foremost and most trusted manufacturer and supplier of UHMWPE wear strips. The UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) wear strip is fabricated using raw materials consisting of low friction; thus, it allows smooth and endless product conveying, thus highly preventing belt movement and enhancing chain life. We design and manufacture these UHMWPE wear strips with the highest quality raw materials in compliance with global standards. With the experience of a couple of decades, we can develop the perfect solution for satisfying our customer’s demands and requirements. UHMWPE wear strips are mainly utilized in sliding applications where the contact of the product with the system causes friction. They can be drilled, planed, slotted, and applied in various profiles to fit individual requirements. Along with that, we are specialists in fabricating complex configuration chain guides with various features ensuring optimum performance.

UHMWPE Wear Strips and Accessories Manufacturer in India

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UHMWPE Wear Strip Manufacturer in Gujarat
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